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Black and light blue glazed "Lady mug" with gold luster accents. Approximately 4.5"x3.5"x4.25".  For those who prefer a dash of delicacy in the mornings, the "lady mug" is a balance of elegance, poise, and functionality.


All work is made of high-fire porcelain (unless otherwise noted) is food-safe. The inside of each piece is glazed (even on "raw" works). Because of the luster, DO NOT microvave this mug.  It’s all made with functionality in mind.


To keep the luster in prime condition, I recommend hand washing with a non abrasive material.  It's also recommended to preheat the mug prior to pouring hot water in it. Do not pour boiling water into mug. See FAQs for more info.

Lady Mug

SKU: 308
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